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What We Do

Catalyzing top line growth for clients is what the BrightEye Group thrives on. We focus on how to best position your business, sharpen the product offering, and align your communications to sell more services and win more business.

Brand Growth Strategy

Issue:  How do I position my brand to maximize its potential?

Your brand is about more than marketing. It’s about who you are.

Solution:  A brand strategy should act as a lens to review your innovation needs and business opportunities while performing as a management tool for making on-brand decisions. The brand is translated from the proposition down through innovation, marketing, products and services, and conveys the brand’s capabilities beyond the literal offer.

You’re likely to be sitting on the brand idea and BrightEye’s role is to help you frame it and create a strategy for content. We view your business through the customer’s eyes and identify the potential competitive disruptors. A true brand strategy will spur innovation and is simple enough for people everywhere to ‘get’ – a strategy that reflects real, living attributes of the firm. We bring this strategy to life by rapidly developing the appropriate framework, the content needed, and crafting a narrative across your communications, ensuring your market knows and experiences your difference.

Building New Business

Issue:  Winning more business with sales outreach is not a one-dimensional practice. You need to give to get.

Solution:  New clients are more persuaded by the depth of your conviction, and your understanding of their customers, than by the height of your logic. We collaborate with you to engineer a multi-channel outreach program, create the content, hone the offer and set the timeline for a systematic outreach program to generate buzz, accomplish targeted prospective meetings and create opportunities for new business development. Using an integrated approach with your team is key, as we aim to identify high value target prospects and begin to generate new business meetings immediately. It’s all about giving to get, opening relationships and getting down to basics from creating killer sales questions to planning who to call and defining the pitch.

Innovation Strategy

Issue:  How do I create an innovation strategy that will help ensure my innovation funnel consistently delivers actionable ideas that will put me ahead of the competition?

Solution:  We will not be successful unless the innovation fulfills three key questions: First, is there a unique idea? Second, is there an understanding of future market needs? Last, can you generate profitability from either a low-cost base or a service innovation that cannot be easily duplicated? We develop insights into your category and target consumers and define an explicit vision for the organization or for the brand(s). Weak links between business strategy and the product portfolio are identified. Working closely with management to support the process, BrightEye identifies the resources to achieve successful innovation and find better ways to test the concepts.

Customer Experience

One of the biggest challenges facing organizations is the need to maximize customer satisfaction and increase revenue while minimizing the cost of delivering an outstanding customer experience. Companies that consistently deliver a great customer experience have realized measurable business benefits far beyond improving customer loyalty and profit.

Focusing on end-to-end customer journeys across multiple touchpoints and channels can build significant competitive advantage, reduce customer churn and differentiate their brand from competitors. End-to-end focus on customer experience also improves sales effectiveness – converting customers into advocates and repeat buyers – while driving costs out of their business.

Start With an Experience Assessment

BrightEye delivers an overall assessment that provides clients with the understanding of key customer experience principles and their maturity level against those principles. The Experience Assessment offering will help you:

  • Assess the overall health of your customer experience
  • Identify “Pain Points” and “Moments of Truth” from your customers’ perspective
  • Develop a capability blueprint to deliver your Customer Experience Strategy
  • Envision the future customer experience that meets your customers needs and aligns with your corporate strategy and brand

Leverage Our Strategic guidance and Hands-on Execution

Find and fix pain points

  • Identify and resolve problems at “moments that matter” to increase customer satisfaction —and measure the results

Build a customer-centric company culture

  • Embed customer experience best practices into core processes and communications, share customer insights company-wide, and track quality metrics

Optimize business processes

  • Map quality customer experience to business results with best practice tools and training that sharpen team skills and promote a consistent brand voice

Differentiate your business

  • Uncover unmet customer needs and develop unique approaches to solve problems and exceed expectations



We bring experience, objectivity and a sharp strategic marketing focus to your business. BrightEye can take the pressure off stretched internal resources by assuming a virtual marketing management role.

Product Strategy and Launches

Digital Strategy and Content Development

Customer Experience and Strategy

Market and Competitive Analysis

Communications Plan and Execution

Brand Strategy and Execution



BrightEye helps private sector and not-for profit clients reach markets, connect with stakeholders, and generate revenue in Canada and globally.


We have experience and skills working in the telecommunications, IT, cybersecurity, sustainability, education, green building and construction fields. We help clients achieve their business objectives through a range of services including marketing, product strategy, digital program design, communications planning, social media and customer experience. To achieve this, BrightEye works with clients in an open, collaborative and engaging process that delivers 100% commitment.


Telecommunications network and management, IT SaaS software, professional services

For startups, SMB and Enterprise, national and international,B2B and B2C markets

Market assessment, user requirements analysis, segmentation and service definition

Go-to-market model development; value proposition design and validation

Digital strategies and execution to engage, convert and acquire customers

Sales, business development and partner, strategy and support resources

Sustainable products and services including green construction/property, energy and renewables

Integrated digital marketing plans addressing B2B and B2C markets

Market and competitive, assessment and segmentation

Branding strategies and execution including website, content, collaterals

Demand generation programs and execution

Business development and partner, strategy and support resources

Residential and commercial construction

Market and competitive, assessment and segmentation

New building research and recommendations including design, feature set, pricing

Community, home buyer and tenant satisfaction surveys and communications programs

Marketing strategies, plans and digital demand generation programs

Branding strategies and execution including website, content, collaterals, signs and displays



The BrightEye goal is to ensure that your enthusiasm and energy translate into actionable programs and activities, and successful revenue-generating initiatives.

How We Work

Our job is to deliver results, not documents, by helping clients improve their odds, optimize their resources and define a motivating strategy. To achieve this, BrightEye works with clients in an open, collaborative and engaging process that delivers 100% commitment. The BrightEye goal is to ensure that your enthusiasm and energy translate into actionable programs and activities, and successful revenue-generating initiatives.


We’ll analyze your existing processes, structure and customer base, and work with you to identify a tangible action plan for value creating change. We can equip, inspire and even mentor client staff to ensure everyone is moving down the same path with the same idea.




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