A great brand is consistent, unique, memorable, and authentic.

A great brand conveys the highest value you deliver and sets you apart from everyone else. You gain a powerful advantage when prospects choose to listen your marketing messages and discover your unique value.

Brighteye has helped many B2B and consumer marketers evaluate their brands, develop strategies, and build their brand. We identify the unique value your company – and only your company – delivers to the customers by determining what you do better than anyone else. We help you decide what you want your brand to stand for.


  • Market positioning to capitalize on your strengths versus competitors;

  • Marketing tagline to support the positioning by stating the most important benefit, advantage, or distinction you offer;

  • Marketing messages to build the copy platform for marketing materials — the “proof points” that support your positioning and your brand promise;

  • Brand attributes and brand persona – how you want your brand to be perceived in the market;

  • Visual identity and logo to establish a distinct image for your company and convey brand attributes;

  • Detailed graphic design standards for implementing the brand in marketing materials, and in all marketing channels.


  • Evaluate existing marketing to assess your current brand identity.

  • Review communication at all customer touch points, in marketing materials, and in traditional, web, and social media to determine the messages being delivered to the market.

  • Analyze the branding strategies of your competitors.

  • We consult with you and your sales team

  • Talk directly with customers to learn what sets your company apart from competitors and how your customers see you – their perceptions of your brand and what they value most about you.

  • Determine which brand elements (such as colors, fonts, icons, or taglines) should be retained in a new identity

You can also outsource the launch and deployment of the new brand throughout your company and your marketing campaigns in traditional, web, and social media.