Marketing Strategy

Growth Strategy for Success

We work closely with you to understand your products, services, objectives, customers and prospects – where you have have been as a company, where you’re going and why you’re unique. We did deep into you brand, marketplace, competitors, and sales process, sales and marketing CRM, and marketing tactics.

Brighteye Approach


– Collaborate with your marketing and sales team.

– Analyze sales results and customer database to profile and segment your customers. Who is your ideal customer?

– Interview customers and partners to learn why people value your products and services. Why do they buy and how?

– Research and profile your competitors to understand their market positioning and tactics. Determine the competitive gap?


– Then we’ll prepare customized marketing strategy recommendations.

– Prioritize marketing to achieve specific sales objectives and impact results.

– Capitalize on your competitive advantages in marketing.

– Differentiate your company in a competitive marketplace.

– Communicate a unique high value proposition.

– Plan marketing tactics and campaigns for each marketing channel.

– Leverage the customer and prospect database for targeted marketing.

– Align and synchronize marketing and sales teams.

– Generate leads and nurture prospects to create new customer and partner relationships.

– Engage customers and enhance retention with customer relationship management (CRM).

– Monitor and measure the marketing results.


If required, a detailed, month-by-month, channel-by-channel, tactical marketing plan is provided to serve as a marketing road map, including:

– Marketing tactics and campaigns such as digital content, advertising, direct marketing, PR, email, social media, sales promotion, sales tools, and trade shows

– Budget for production, media, and distribution costs

– Recommendations for internal and external resources for plan execution


We can also help guide and manage the implementation of your marketing strategy and plan.